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Wake Ejpovice the Setup

 part of wakeboarding is hitting obstacles soon as you learn to ride, master the corners , and a  olie 180 on the water you will want to start jumping and riding the obstacles and thats why we have a wide veriety for beginers to advanced riders 


1. Frída

pussy box with a small bank on the side

either stands alone or can be attached to  'Evžen' .. ideal for your first try on plastic .. get used to how it slides  ..

2. Evžen

more advanced obstacle with 2 long tubes to rideand in between a plastic box  .. many ways to ride .. find a new way every time you ride

3. large and small kicker

both sat next to each other  .. the small one ideal for your first kicker try  or wakeskate ,large kicker is great to get your first 360/540 down  ..

4.Karel the Barrel

small but super fun obstacle  , bonk it , jump it , jump from it :-)

5.ollie barrier

ideal to train your ollie  - if you dont jump over it , it will lie down, 

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